B2B SaaS platform that creates marketing automation solutions based on AI algorithms.
My role
IA, UX, UI, Research
My role
Joined DISPL (aka Displayforce.ai back then) as the designer, I collaborating closely with lead designer, product managers, engineers, content strategist, business analyst and stakeholders.
The new Digital Signage goals
You’ve probably noticed that, it's not enough to just have digital signage for industries, business owners want detailed data about customers.
Research and explorations
DISPL have solutions for every segment of offline business, corporate solutions for companies, for educational and medical institutions.

Aside from the basic competitive research, I accompanied by customer support lead and product manager conducted interviews with 7 small business owners. We were looking forward to pointing out common pain points from the quotes and translate them to clear goals.
User story
As a industry-specific owner, I want to see real examples of using the software on the right type of equipment, so that I understand what benefits I will get from using the platform.
Next steps and learnings
The released version of the pages with new creatives and videos has been well received by our customers and showed positive results. However, our team and stakeholders were already dreaming of a much bigger challenge that would make the tool the leading service in its niche: subscriptions through the company website.
Created DISPL Fast Start Kit boxed solution
the Pricing Pages
The first payment
We saw a real conversion opportunity from a page that had a lot of potential for the business. With that being said, we were realizing it’s reasonably tricky to communicate value and distinction in a short simple manner.
How can we provide users with the information they need without overloading them with tons of data and avoid frightening them off while still showing the full range of knowledge of our product.
We have added the ability to subscribe
on the site up to 100 pieces.